Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our summer project

Sometimes I want to kill Jay for things he has done or neglected to do. Other times I just can't believe how much he loves me and how much he is willing to do to make me happy. This is the latest installment in making Deb happy...a new fish pond in our back yard. It's about 90% complete but I had to share it (by the holds about 1500 gallons of water and is bigger than it looks here).

Digging commenced in June and continued on through heat, rain, and miserably solid clay soil until Labor Day weekend. On that fateful weekend the hole in the ground metamorphasized into a hole in the ground filled with water. From there it has become an almost completely landscaped mini-ecosystem in and of its own. Within 24 hours of adding water we had our first leopard frog in residence. At last count there were 5 or 6 (leopard frogs are had to count when they are hopping about) and a dozen tiny goldfish we added. All of the plants patiently waiting in Hunter's kiddie pool have been added and I have a new source of stress relief.

Now, each time you approach the pond a few things are certain: 1.) Jay loves me A LOT!, 2.) you will frighten many birds who are either bathing or drinking at pond's edge, 3.) you will see at least 2 frogs leap from the edges to the safety of the water, and 4.) you'll see a huge smile on my face. (Oh...special thanks to Jay's daughter Haleigh who helped to dig the hole. If she had devoted as much time to digging as she did to complaining about digging...the pond would cover half of our yard! There aren't many teenagers who would help at I have to give credit where credit is due! Love ya, Haleigh)!

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Anonymous said...

Looks strangely like a sauna I used in the mountains of Califonia!