Monday, November 26, 2007

Harry Potter cake

Here's the latest cake. Harry Potter theme done for my friend's son on his 11th birthday. The top part of the cake (the owl and the snitches) actually are motorized and rotate around the top of the broom. Everything you see here is edible and my father-in-law built a custom cake stand which can be fitted with an MP3 player and speakers. This cake played the theme from the Harry Potter movie. The cake is a stack of books with the broomstick resting on top. The broomstick itself is made of scuplted and carved gum paste then painted with food coloring. The broom straws are all made from modeling chocolate and were individually rolled and attached. The wand and cauldron are made of gum paste and the rat made of fondant. The cake was even edible! Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Yummy!

This is a close-up of the broom and wand with Gryffindor house scarf wrapped around the books.

This is the a close-up of the quill, cauldron (which was later filled with cotton candy to simulate steaming potion), and Scabbers the rat peaking out from between the books. The quill is made of gum paste then painted with food coloring and is completely edible.

This is the part of the cake which rotated. The switch activated a gear box hidden inside the books and made the top part rotate to simulate the snitches flying around. I tried to make Harry fly after the snitch but he kept joining the headless hunt. A headless Harry Potter wasn't what I was aiming for so the 2 snitch arrangement worked out better.