Thursday, February 21, 2008

Newport Aquarium

As part of Hunter's birthday present he was given a choice between having a party and taking a roadtrip. He chose the roadtrip and we headed for northern Kentucky. One of Hunter's favorite places to visit is Newport Aquarium which is just across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The aquarium has lots of swimmy stuff for kids to touch and a total of 5 different arches to walk through. When you are under the arches the sharks and stingrays are all swimming over your head! You can be standing there and watching one thing swim by and another will just show up right next to your head!
The other distinction Newport Aquarium boasts is their pair of sharkrays and the only sharkray breeding program in the country (and actually in most of the world). Hunter loves these guys and happily sat on a 6.5 hour car ride (one way) just to see them. This picture doesn't do them justice so you can always go to to check them out.

It's easy to tell how happy Hunter is to be near stuff that swims by looking at the cheesy smile on his face next to this Wobbegong (carpet shark).

Haleigh loves to flirt and here she proves she can flirt with ANYONE! She says she would have given him her phone number but it would have been too wet to read!

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